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Kiu, 23 years old, unmarried pregnant and had the abortion.

- Got pregnant when she was 15

- There were some online forums talking about the same situation as hers

- But not very useful to her

- Rest of comments on the forums were putting the responsibility on girls regarding the issue.

- One of the reasons that chose to do abortion was because some of the comments on the forums said she was too young to take care of a baby.

- The online forums affected much of her emotions.

- She still thinks that it is a stain in her life as if it is her fault,

- She is more worried about the future boyfriend and marriage.


Cara, 21 years old, unmarried pregnant woman and gave the birth.

- Got pregnant when she was 17

- Her boyfriend disappeared since knowing she got pregnant

- She asked some organizations for help as the netizens suggested her to do so on the online forum

-The organization informed both of her parents and school.

- Both of them suggested her to stop her study for a year in order to give birth.

- She sent her baby to a charity organization at last.

- She was so confused whether her decision was right or not

- Because she followed the suggestion online, but at the same time, there were some comments saying giving birth was not a good situation for the baby.

- After she returned to school, she felt so uncomfortable as some of her schoolmates knew about her past and made comments on her.

- She started to keep what had happened as a secret, even from her current boyfriend, since she is afraid that he will not accept her.


Vanessa, a 20 years old student, unmarried but not pregnant girl.

- She doesn’t know any unmarried pregnant woman.

- She thinks unmarried pregnant women are too casual and not determined to reject sexual behavior.

- She didn’t participate in any of those online forums before.

- Her suggestion to the unmarried pregnant woman is to ask organization for help.

- She thinks whether they give birth or do the abortion, both desicion is not a good situation.

- Also, girls should take their responsibility for what they have done before.


Kelvin, a 18 years old student.

- Some of his friends are unmarried pregnant women

- His comment is most of the unmarried pregnant women are stupid and easy to have sex with others.

- He is a member of those online forums, but he never gives comment on the issue.

- Because he thinks there are no right desicion for them.

- He thinks that it is a fault of the girls in this issue, and they shouldn’t blame on others.

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